Your first date with JetBrains MPS

Posted 18.02.13 21:02 by Vaclav Pech
MPS demo, DSL, Introduction, Vaclav Pech

Are you new to MPS? Do you want to try it out and see how it works? Then you'll love this screen-cast. You will get an introductory hands-on tour through MPS from a developer's perspective. You'll understand the core terminology as well as the fundamental principles of programming with MPS. Plus you can immediately go and try all the stuff yourself on your computer.
If you are a programmer willing to try new things, this demo is definitely for you.

After watching the screen-cast you might consider checking out a follow-up demo, showing how languages are created in MPS.

Note: The screen-cast features MPS 3.0 and is also applicable to a great extent to MPS 2.5.4.


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