What's New in ReSharper 7

Posted 17.09.12 19:09 by Jura Gorohovsky
ReSharper Code Analysis, code annotations, Code Generation, Dmitri Nesteruk, Extract Class, INotifyPropertyChanged, Refactoring, Unit Testing, visual studio, webinar, WinRT, wpf

In this video, Dmitri Nesteruk gives an overview of improvements and new features introduced in ReSharper 7. In particular, Dmitri presents support for Visual Studio 2012, WinRT development tooling, enhancements in code generation and unit testing, new code inspections and the new concept of contract annotations, INotifyPropertyChanged support pack, new refactorings including Extract Class, and a few other areas where ReSharper 7 gives more value than its predecessors.

For a more in-depth presentation of ReSharper 7, see Hadi Hariri's webinar on ReSharper 7.

If you like what you see in this video, please download the latest version of ReSharper.




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