Smoothened BaseLanguage editor in MPS 3.0

Posted 26.04.13 11:04 by Vaclav Pech
MPS DSL, editor, Vaclav Pech

We put extra effort into making the MPS 3.0 projectional editor feel like a textual one in many aspects. Specifically:

  • there are no visual placeholders for extended classes and implemented interfaces
  • you can create fields and methods just by typing
  • many of the class, field or method modifiers, such as final, static and abstract can be entered and removed in more intuitive ways
  • switching among IfStatements, WhileStatements, Do-WhileStatements and ForLoops is now just a matter of typing a few characters
  • unwrapping the body of an IfStatement or a TryCatchBlock is as simple as hitting Delete
  • the javadoc language now behaves much more like text
  • javadoc comments can be added by typing /** and removed by a single hit on the Delete key



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