ReSharper Tips and Tricks - Live Session at NDC 2011

Posted 22.06.11 20:06 by Jura Gorohovsky
ReSharper Adjust Namespaces, ASP.NET MVC, Conference, Convert Anonymous to Named Class, create from usage, CSS, Extend/Shrink Selection, External Sources, Extract Class from Parameters, Go to File Member, Go to Symbol, Go to Type, Hadi Hariri, I18n, JavaScript, jQuery, Live Templates, Locate in Solution Explorer, Move Types into Matching Files, Navigation, NDC, Recent Edits, Recent Files, Refactoring, Structural Search and Replace

In this impromptu session at NDC 2011, Hadi Hariri gives an hour worth of ReSharper tips and tricks. He covers multiple features related to navigation, generating code, selecting and rearranging code, refactoring code and project items, and using structural search and replace to create custom code inspections. He also discovers unexpected bugs in a pre-release ReSharper build that he's using, and highlights some of the new features for web developers introduced in ReSharper 6.

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