MPS languages inside IntelliJ IDEA - a parallel for loop example

Posted 30.05.12 08:05 by Vaclav Pech
MPS DSL, intellij, Java, language extension, Vaclav Pech

The most notable new feature of MPS 2.5 is its integration with IntelliJ IDEA. You can use your DSLs and language extensions directly in your favorite Java IDE tightly integrated with your Java code. This screen-cast shows how this integration works and feels. It should give you a taste of what to expect and how to benefit with your own languages.

Note: If you want to try parallel foor loop yourself, jump over to the how-to tutorial and follow the steps to get the MPS plugin running in IntelliJ IDEA. Then grab the Sample Java Extensions plugin file holding a set of sample languages and deploy to IDEA as well.

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