Compiling Eye in IntelliJ IDEA

Posted 01.10.10 15:10 by Stefan Reich
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This is a screen capture showing how to compile Eye (open source Java image recognition software) in IntelliJ IDEA 9 (using only free tools).

Here's a textual representation of the steps involved:

* Open terminal
* cd to a suitable base directory (in this example, /home/doc/coding)
* mkdir eye
* unzip .../ (with "..." being wherever you downloaded it)
* unzip
* Switch to IDEA. Create New Project
* Create Java project from existing sources
* Name: eye
* Location: /home/doc/coding/eye
* /home/doc/coding/eye/src is automatically marked as source path (leave it marked)
* IDEA searches for libraries and presents a library called "eye" containing 4 files (two jars, two zips). We actually want only half of these files to be in a library.
* So, click the "split" icon. As library name, enter "Prophecy". Mark lib-prophecy.jar and Click OK. Observe that IDEA has created a new library. Remove the check mark beside the original library ("eye").
* Click Next.
* IDEA creates a module called "Eye" with sources in "src" which is just fine.
* Click Finish.
* If necessary, tell IDEA where to find your JDK (1.6).
* Hit "Build/Make project". It should say "Compilation completed with 1 warning" (warning is irrelevant).
* Run the class "eye.eye03.Main".
* You should now see the Eye main window!

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