Build Your Own Extension in ReSharper 8

Posted 24.10.13 12:10 by Robert Demmer
ReSharper Live Templates, NuGet, plugins, Structural Search and Replace, Templates, webinar recording

ReSharper has always had many extension points for plugins to take advantage of. This webinar will look at how you can extend ReSharper not only by writing code, but also declaratively, with Live Templates, Structural Search and Replace patterns and ReSharper 8′s NuGet-based extension manager.

This webinar is aimed at anyone interested in extending ReSharper. We’ll have a quick look at how to get started writing plugins, and talk about some of the more interesting extension points. Then we’ll take a walk through an example of extending ReSharper without any code, using Live Templates and Structural Search and Replace patterns, from definition to packaging and distribution.

Matt's presentation can be found here.

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