ASP.NET Features in ReSharper 5 Part 2

Posted 23.08.10 21:08 by Egor Malyshev
ReSharper ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Code Analysis, Code Completion, Code Generation, Error Highlighting, External Sources, Go to Related Files, Hadi Hariri, Navigation, Quick-Fixes, Syntax Highlighting, Web Development
Hadi Hariri describes new ASP.NET features that were introduced in ReSharper 5.

In part 2 of this screencast, Hadi focuses on features that ReSharper provides specifically for ASP.NET MVC projects.

Some of these features include special syntax highlighting for ASP.NET MVC method calls and parameters; quick navigation to and from actions or controllers; extended code completion (IntelliSense) in string literals to help you reference actions and controllers; and code generation to create new controllers and actions from directly from usage.

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