ASP.NET Features in ReSharper 5 Part 1

Posted 24.08.10 15:08 by Egor Malyshev
ReSharper ASP.NET, Code Generation, File Structure, Go to File, Go to File Member, Go to Related Files, Hadi Hariri, Navigation, Recent Files, ReSharper PowerToys, Web Development, Zen Coding
Hadi Hariri describes new ASP.NET features that were introduced in ReSharper 5.
In part 1 of this screencast, Hadi speaks about ReSharper's navigation, code generation, and coding assistance features available in ASP.NET applications.

Some of the featured highlighted include navigation between file members and between related files; generating new web forms with or without master pages; and using ReSharper's Zen Coding plug-in for extremely fast HTML coding.

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