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With new support for multiple files, ReSharper 8 now provides more versatility and power for creating boilerplate code.

Lightning overview of my favourite features in AppCode

Hadi Hariri talks about using live templates, file templates and surround templates provided by ReSharper. He also gives a hint how to extend ReSharper templates by creating custom macros. He refers to this blog post that contains detailed guidelines on creating new macros. Full video of this session is available at http://tv.jetbrains.net/videocontent/resharper-tips-and-tricks-live-sess...

Just a quick video to show ReSharper Live templates. This was focused around getting using them for the calculator kata.

This screencast is designed to introduce some of the new features to the multitude of Visual Basic.Net developers out there who can take advantage of the power and productivity of ReSharper.