Tag: Performance Profiling

In this screencast, Hadi Hariri shows how to read performance snapshot that represent results of your profiling session. He explains different snapshot views, how you can navigate between relevant function calls represented in a snapshot, and what you can do to find lagging functions as fast as possible. Hadi also covers techniques such as opening call stacks in separate tabs and comparing different performance snapshots of an application.

In this screencast, Hadi Hariri shows how you can use dotTrace Performance to take performance snapshots of different types of .NET applications in different scenarios. He's covering local and remote profiling, available techniques and meter kinds that can be used in a profiling session, profiling unit tests from within Visual Studio, and other things that you'd want to know to profile applications efficiently.

Haid Hariri speaks about new and improved functionality in dotTrace 5 Performance, the JetBrains performance profiler for .NET applications.

He covers improved remote profiling, the long-awaited opportunity to attach to running processes, integrated decompiler for quick code preview, and support for IIS Express, among other things.

In this video, Hadi Hariri shows what's new in dotTrace 4.5 Performance, including better tree representation, improved simulation of performance improvements, and extracting all public methods to a new tab.

This video gives an overview of how you can discover performance bottlenecks with dotTrace 4 Performance, and illustrates this with profiling an ASP.NET MVC application that appears to struggle from a bad algorithm.

Hadi Hariri demonstrates how you can easily compare performance snapshots with dotTrace 4 Performance to make sure that your profiling efforts were successful.

Hadi Hariri describes how to utilize the Call Tree view available in dotTrace 4 Performance for targeted analysis of profiling data.

Hadi Hariri gives an overview of JetBrains dotTrace 4 Performance profiler features, including support for various .NET Framework-based applications, profiling modes, and different presentations that facilitate detecting bottlenecks for instant performance improvement.