Tag: Java

We spent the last decade developing and enhancing the IntelliJ Platform, which originated from a simple plugin to rename variables. Learn how we use our own tools to maintain code over time with Dmitry Jemerov, JetBrains CTO.

A quick overview of Java 8 support in IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.

Watch this screencast to see how the JetBrains MPS plugin for IntelliJ IDEA can optimize tail-recursive Java methods and  functions.

Note: You may also like to check out the Memoization for Java screencast.

MPS languages inside IntelliJ IDEA - a parallel for loop example

This screencast demonstrates the small language changes that are part of Open JDK 7, which is available from the Open JDK website. It demonstrates multi-catch, try with resources, strings in switch statements, underscores in literals, and the diamond operator.

This screencast demonstrates IDEA's static code analysis features and how to write your own rule using Structural Search & Replace. I'll give you a quick overview of IDEA inspections, show you how to use Structural Search, and then demonstate creating a new inspection and quick fix based on this search.

Java EE 6 ships with CDI, Contexts and Dependency Injection, and CDI is also available in Java SE using the Weld framework. This screencast is about CDI events and the event system. It briefly explains the benefits of an event system and then shows how easy it is to use from CDI.

The screencast shows how to quickly navigate through code with a help of IntelliJ Idea's pop-ups, how to rapidly organize a task-oriented workspace by splitting windows and a few refactoring actions.


Vaclav Pech unveils the secrets of optimizing your code performance, covering general JVM concurrency aspects, and using IDEA to illustrate how to overcome the challenges of the multi-core era.

Overview of Groovy support with all advanced features, plus transparent Groovy-Java coding.