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 I've prepared a 38 minute tutorial on creating an Android chat application using IntelliJ Idea Ultimate 12. In my screencast I highlight the visual designer, code completion, live templates, local VCS, Subversion support and other features.

 How to install, configure and use JRebel with IntelliJ IDEA. The webinar demonstrates the configuration options for different types of projects:

  • single module,
  • maven project,
  • multi-module project,
  • applying artifacts for deployment.

In this webinar, Andrey Breslav speaks about Project Kotlin and the Milestone 3 release. Learn about the new features and current plans, as well as view some demos.

For complete information on Project Kotlin visit http://kotlin.jetbrains.org/.

In this screencast you see how the JetBrains MPS plugin for IntelliJ IDEA enables the powerful concept of function memoization to Java methods and functions. It might inspire you to create your own Java extensions and ease your life as a Java developer.

Watch this screencast to see how the JetBrains MPS plugin for IntelliJ IDEA can optimize tail-recursive Java methods and  functions.

Note: You may also like to check out the Memoization for Java screencast.

How to enable MPS in IntelliJ IDEA

How to package your DSLs for IntelliJ IDEA

MPS languages inside IntelliJ IDEA - a parallel for loop example

Building an IntelliJ IDEA language plugin with MPS

This screencast demonstrates how to create Spock testing specifications. It covers creating basic when/then blocks, given/when/then blocks, expect/where blocks, and data tables. It explains how to create Spock file templates and Spock Live Templates for IDEA.