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Hadi Hariri shows some of the features that ReSharper is going to provide for C++, including the entire scope of navigation functionality, context actions and refactorings, and deep understanding of templates and macros.
If you're working with C++ code in Visual Studio, you can subscribe to receive private ReSharper builds with C++ support!

In the recording of this unscripted January 24th webinar, Hadi Hariri and Julie Lerman join forces to help you understand how to do Entity Framework Code First while enjoying the benefits of ReSharper. 

 Up and running in Kotlin and IDEA

 In this short screencast we're going to see an overview of how to manage a Scrum board using YouTrack 4.0.

A recording of a webinar on new features and improvements in ReSharper 7 hosted by Hadi Hariri.

Want to know why people love ReSharper so much? Watch this video.

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 Introduction to YouTrack it in the context of how it's meant to be used.

 En este video veremos como crear entornos ágiles usando TeamCity, YouTrack y Git, y cómo integrarlos para propocionar una experiencia fluida para el desarrollador y el equipo. 



In this screencast, Hadi Hariri shows how to read performance snapshot that represent results of your profiling session. He explains different snapshot views, how you can navigate between relevant function calls represented in a snapshot, and what you can do to find lagging functions as fast as possible. Hadi also covers techniques such as opening call stacks in separate tabs and comparing different performance snapshots of an application.

In this screencast, Hadi Hariri shows how you can use dotTrace Performance to take performance snapshots of different types of .NET applications in different scenarios. He's covering local and remote profiling, available techniques and meter kinds that can be used in a profiling session, profiling unit tests from within Visual Studio, and other things that you'd want to know to profile applications efficiently.