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Have a look at Stylus support in WebStorm. This video is also features Live Edit feature and Emmet.

 Quick overview of the basic of TypeScript support in WebStorm: code completion, navigation, refactoring and error detection.

Have you been wondering how to use WebStorm like a real pro? What are the "secret" keys that make lines of code appear in a second?

In this webinar John Lindquist will share WebStorm tricks that only come from years of experience. He will cover all the need-to-know keyboard shortcuts and WebStorm customization and workflow tips that could really boost your productivity and take your web development experience in WebStorm to a whole new level. 


CSS support in ReSharper 8 goes beyond just CSS files and has inherent knowledge of CSS spread out through the application 

See some of the code completion improvements in ReSharper 8 including Smart and Double Compleition

In this video, Dmitri Nesteruk gives an overview of WinRT support in ReSharper 7 that and how it makes for easier development of Windows Store apps for Windows 8.

Creating and implementing protocols with AppCode.

A video about why I like AppCode. It is from a amateur in screencast, AppCode and iPhone Programming.  

Talks about a little about VCS, code navigation, generation and analysis.



Hadi Hariri talks about new features for web developers introduced in ReSharper 6, including support for JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor view engine. Full video of this session is available at http://tv.jetbrains.net/videocontent/resharper-tips-and-tricks-live-sess...

 An introductory screencast demonstrating the core functionality of JetBrains ReSharper.