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Have you been wondering how to use WebStorm like a real pro? What are the "secret" keys that make lines of code appear in a second?

In this webinar John Lindquist will share WebStorm tricks that only come from years of experience. He will cover all the need-to-know keyboard shortcuts and WebStorm customization and workflow tips that could really boost your productivity and take your web development experience in WebStorm to a whole new level. 


The new XAML support in ReSharper 8 makes working with XAML for WPF, Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone applications a breeze. 

In this video, Dmitri Nesteruk explains contract annotations: a new type of code annotations introduced in ReSharper 7 to help make ReSharper control flow analysis even more powerful and precise.

This is a part of What's New in ReSharper 7 - an all-in-one overview of features and improvements introduced in ReSharper 7.

In this video, Dmitri Nesteruk gives an overview of improvements and new features introduced in ReSharper 7.

A recording of a webinar on new features and improvements in ReSharper 7 hosted by Hadi Hariri.

Want to know why people love ReSharper so much? Watch this video.

If you agree, you know where to go for the latest version of ReSharper.

If you don't agree, let us know.

Nuff said!

MPS basics - checking rules and quick fixes

  A Quick review of AppCode helping with Memory Management on IOS.  


A video about why I like AppCode. It is from a amateur in screencast, AppCode and iPhone Programming.  

Talks about a little about VCS, code navigation, generation and analysis.



In this epic video that has taken Hadi Hariri 96 hours of life of which he slept only 4, he gives an overview of new features in ReSharper 6 including support for JavaScript, CSS, and ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor; extended navigation, code analysis, refactoring, and new code transformation actions; code analysis in VB.NET; improved XAML support; and more. If you want to get a general picture of how dramatically we have improved ReSharper and start investigating for more improvements from there, this video is for you.