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29.01.14 17:01 | Valerie Andrianova

YouTrack - Not Just an Issue Tracker!

The main idea of the webinar was to show that YouTrack is so customizable that you can re-purpose it from tracking bugs to tracking anything! 

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10.01.14 19:01 | Valerie Andrianova

YouTrack. The Art of Bug Tracking

Enjoy the YouTrack Movie. Get dressed for the black tie event, orchestrate your issues and play the ultimate Agile. The movie comes with a special landing page.    



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20.11.13 12:11 | Valerie Andrianova

What's New in YouTrack 5.0

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20.11.13 12:11 | Valerie Andrianova

YouTrack 5.0 Overview

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11.09.13 21:09 | Robert Demmer

YouTrack: Not Just an Issue Tracker - A JetBrains Day Preso

You only really understand the true power of YouTrack once you realize the potential of YouTrack Workflows. This talk isn't going to show you what YouTrack is. It's going to show you how to bend and twist it for every purpose possible. This session was presented by Dmitri Nesteruk (JetBrains) & Sebastiaan Janssen (Umbraco). 

14.02.13 12:02 | Valerie Andrianova

YouTrack 3.0 Overview

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12.02.13 19:02 | Hadi Hariri

YouTrack 4.2 is Ready to Chat with You

In this short demo out technical evagelist Hadi Hariri introduces YouTrack Jabber-Bot. Now you can send search requests and apply commands in reply to a jabber notification, or simply start a chat with YouTrack.

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13.11.12 17:11 | Valerie Andrianova

Introducing Time Management in YouTrack 4.1

This webinar introduces Time Management in YouTrack 4.1. You'll learn how to add work items, how to check your progress on specific task or the whole feature at a glance. We'll cover the process of creating Time Reports and show how to configure Time Tracking per project\user. Improved GitHub integration and multiple Agile Board enhancements are also included!

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23.08.12 20:08 | Hadi Hariri

Scrum with YouTrack 4.0

 In this short screencast we're going to see an overview of how to manage a Scrum board using YouTrack 4.0.

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22.05.12 17:05 | Valerie Andrianova

Managing Agile Projects with YouTrack 4.0 (EAP)

 In this webinar we review the new upcoming features of YouTrack 4.0 in terms of Agile support, specifically the Scrum board and charts. It is based on the Early Access Program of 4.0 and was a perfect opportunity to get feedback from our users. Take a look, let us know what you think!

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