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26.09.13 12:09 | Maarten Balliauw

TeamCity Feature Branches with Git

In this screencast, Maarten Balliauw explains what feature branches are and how they can be used with Git. From building features to making it possible to test-run a pull request on GitHub.

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feature branches, Git
26.09.13 10:09 | Maarten Balliauw

TeamCity 8 - Overview video

In this short screencast, we show how to go from an empty TeamCity server to a working build. We'll also show more advanced things like snapshot dependencies. Take a look and see for more!

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12.09.13 02:09 | Robert Demmer

TeamCity from the Trenches - A JetBrains Day Preso

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12.08.13 14:08 | Maarten Balliauw

TeamCity Shared Resources

In this video, Maarten explains what shared resources are and how they can be used in build configurations on TeamCity. Shared resources can limit build concurrency based on the number of resources available.

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30.07.13 15:07 | Maarten Balliauw

Amazon EC2 Build Agent support

TeamCity Amazon EC2 integration allows to configure TeamCity with your Amazon account and then start and stop images with TeamCity agents on-demand based on the queued builds.

In this screencast, we'll have a look at how to setup EC2 integration.

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30.07.13 14:07 | Maarten Balliauw

TeamCity Meta-Runners

TeamCity comes with a series of Runners out of the box which offer support for different functionalities such as MSBuild, Ant, Code Inspections, Gradle support, etc.

What happens when you want to perform some operation that is not supported via a runner? Use the Command Line runner? Find a plugin? Build your own plugin?

TeamCity 8 introduces another option: Meta-Runners. Meta runners allow us to reuse build steps by representing them as a native TeamCity runner. In other words: we can extract configured build steps into Meta-Runners and reuse them in other build configurations.

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23.05.13 12:05 | Hadi Hariri

Mercurial Sub-repository support in TeamCity 8

TeamCity adds first-class support for Mercurial Sub-repositories by detecting changes in sub-repo's. See how easy it is to configure and how much more information you get out of it!


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TeamCity 8
13.05.13 21:05 | Hadi Hariri

TeamCity User Guide (Part 9 of 9) - Notifications and User Profiles



  • User Profile
  • VCS Usernames
  • Timezones and My Changes
  • Available Tools and Integration with IDE's
  • Notifications and Rules customizations
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TeamCity User Guide
13.05.13 21:05 | Hadi Hariri

TeamCity User Guide (Part 8 of 9) - Personal Builds



  • Working with Personal Builds
  • Remote Runs
  • Pre-Tested Commits
  • IDE Integration


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TeamCity User Guide
13.05.13 21:05 | Hadi Hariri

TeamCity User Guide (Part 7 of 9) - Working with Changes

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TeamCity User Guide