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17.07.13 20:07 | Hadi Hariri

What's New in ReSharper 8 - XAML Support

The new XAML support in ReSharper 8 makes working with XAML for WPF, Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone applications a breeze. 

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17.07.13 20:07 | Hadi Hariri

What's New in ReSharper 8 - Fix in Scope

The new fix in scope features in ReSharper 8 make it easy to fix and clean up code based on a defined scope

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Quick-Fixes, ReSharper 8
17.07.13 20:07 | Hadi Hariri

What's New in ReSharper 8 - CSS Improvements

CSS support in ReSharper 8 goes beyond just CSS files and has inherent knowledge of CSS spread out through the application 

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19.10.12 22:10 | Jura Gorohovsky

Windows Runtime Support in ReSharper 7

In this video, Dmitri Nesteruk gives an overview of WinRT support in ReSharper 7 that and how it makes for easier development of Windows Store apps for Windows 8.

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26.07.12 00:07 | Hadi Hariri

Why ReSharper is Awesome

Want to know why people love ReSharper so much? Watch this video.

If you agree, you know where to go for the latest version of ReSharper.

If you don't agree, let us know.

Nuff said!

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09.11.10 16:11 | Jura Gorohovsky

Navigate Between Code Issues and Fix Them Right Away

This video shows how you can navigate code errors and issues found in a particular file one-by-one and choose from ReSharper's quick-fix suggestions to correct your code quickly and in the most appropriate way.

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04.09.10 19:09 | Dmitri Nesteruk

Inferring Types from Usage

A demonstration of how ReSharper can automatically create data structures and associated fields/properties/methods/events directly from usage.

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23.08.10 21:08 | Egor Malyshev

ASP.NET Features in ReSharper 5 Part 2

Hadi Hariri describes new ASP.NET features that were introduced in ReSharper 5.

In part 2 of this screencast, Hadi focuses on features that ReSharper provides specifically for ASP.NET MVC projects.

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16.07.10 15:07 |

Localizing your Applications with ReSharper 5

This screencast shows how ReSharper 5 helps you make strings in your code localizable quickly, without breaking your regular workflow.

Working with resource files is no more a developer's nightmare with ReSharper 5.

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15.07.10 19:07 |

On-the-fly Error Analysis with ReSharper

This short demo shows how ReSharper discovers coding errors as you type, highlights them,and provides quick-fixes.

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