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17.07.13 20:07 | Hadi Hariri

What's New in ReSharper 8 - XAML Support

The new XAML support in ReSharper 8 makes working with XAML for WPF, Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone applications a breeze. 

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17.09.12 20:09 | Jura Gorohovsky

Contract Annotations in ReSharper 7

In this video, Dmitri Nesteruk explains contract annotations: a new type of code annotations introduced in ReSharper 7 to help make ReSharper control flow analysis even more powerful and precise.

This is a part of What's New in ReSharper 7 - an all-in-one overview of features and improvements introduced in ReSharper 7.

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17.09.12 19:09 | Jura Gorohovsky

What's New in ReSharper 7

In this video, Dmitri Nesteruk gives an overview of improvements and new features introduced in ReSharper 7.

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08.08.12 17:08 | Jura Gorohovsky

Webinar: What's New in ReSharper 7

A recording of a webinar on new features and improvements in ReSharper 7 hosted by Hadi Hariri.

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26.07.12 00:07 | Hadi Hariri

Why ReSharper is Awesome

Want to know why people love ReSharper so much? Watch this video.

If you agree, you know where to go for the latest version of ReSharper.

If you don't agree, let us know.

Nuff said!

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30.06.11 03:06 | Jura Gorohovsky

What's New in ReSharper 6

In this epic video that has taken Hadi Hariri 96 hours of life of which he slept only 4, he gives an overview of new features in ReSharper 6 including support for JavaScript, CSS, and ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor; extended navigation, code analysis, refactoring, and new code transformation actions; code analysis in VB.NET; improved XAML support; and more. If you want to get a general picture of how dramatically we have improved ReSharper and start investigating for more improvements from there, this video is for you.

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22.06.11 21:06 | Jura Gorohovsky

Creating Custom Inspections in ReSharper with Structural Search and Replace

Hadi Hariri describes Structural Search and Replace: a way to create and apply custom code inspections and quick-fixes in ReSharper 5 and above. It is very helpful in cases like adopting new .NET Framework and third-party library APIs. Full video of this session is available at

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26.05.11 22:05 | Dmitri Nesteruk

What Is ReSharper?

 An introductory screencast demonstrating the core functionality of JetBrains ReSharper.

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09.11.10 16:11 | Jura Gorohovsky

Use ReSharper Assistance in ASP.NET MVC

This video gives a short overview of ReSharper's feature pack for ASP.NET MVC developers. It includes code generation functionality for actions and controllers; extensive navigation support; syntax highlighting and code completion (IntelliSense) for ASP.NET MVC-specific string literals.

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09.11.10 16:11 | Jura Gorohovsky

Navigate Between Code Issues and Fix Them Right Away

This video shows how you can navigate code errors and issues found in a particular file one-by-one and choose from ReSharper's quick-fix suggestions to correct your code quickly and in the most appropriate way.

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