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11.09.13 15:09 | Robert Demmer

Using Kotlin to Simplify Android Development - A JetBrains Day Preso

Kotlin can help you reduce the amount of code you need to write for Android applications and at the same time make it readable and more maintainable. In this session with Svetlana Isakova, we're going to see how certain constructs and DSL's can be used to make Android more enjoyable. 

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Android, DSL, JetBrains Day
12.11.12 20:11 | Hadi Hariri

Getting Started with Kotlin

 Up and running in Kotlin and IDEA

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Hadi Hariri
17.10.12 11:10 | Robert Demmer

Kotlin Milestone 3 Webinar

In this webinar, Andrey Breslav speaks about Project Kotlin and the Milestone 3 release. Learn about the new features and current plans, as well as view some demos.

For complete information on Project Kotlin visit
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