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15.04.11 19:04 | Hamlet D'Arcy

Getting Started with Spock and Groovy

This screencast demonstrates how to create Spock testing specifications. It covers creating basic when/then blocks, given/when/then blocks, expect/where blocks, and data tables. It explains how to create Spock file templates and Spock Live Templates for IDEA.



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29.03.11 12:03 | Hamlet D'Arcy

IntelliJ IDEA Static Analysis: Custom Rules with Structural Search & Replace

This screencast demonstrates IDEA's static code analysis features and how to write your own rule using Structural Search & Replace. I'll give you a quick overview of IDEA inspections, show you how to use Structural Search, and then demonstate creating a new inspection and quick fix based on this search.

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04.03.11 10:03 | Hamlet D'Arcy

Griffon MVC Groups and Event System

 How to create a Griffon app, how to create several MVC groups, and how to communicate between MVC groups using the Griffon event bus. All in under 7 minutes. All done live in IntelliJ IDEA.

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02.03.11 17:03 | Hamlet D'Arcy

CDI Event Bus Basics

Java EE 6 ships with CDI, Contexts and Dependency Injection, and CDI is also available in Java SE using the Weld framework. This screencast is about CDI events and the event system. It briefly explains the benefits of an event system and then shows how easy it is to use from CDI.

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25.02.11 17:02 | Hamlet D'Arcy

GWT Event Bus Basics

Event buses reduce coupling, especially in MVC applications. This screencast explains the benefits and shows how to write one in Google Web Toolkit (GWT). 

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01.02.11 16:02 | Egor Malyshev

GitHub Integration Features in JetBrains IDEs

Quick overview of basic features of GitHub integration in IntelliJ-based IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, PyCharm, PhpStorm and WebStorm. The overview demos creating GitHub repository from a project and cloning an existing repository and opening it as a new project in your IDE. Read more:

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09.12.10 16:12 | Egor Malyshev

Detachable Editors in IntelliJ IDEA

Quick demonstration of one of the new IntelliJ IDEA X features: floating and dockable editors that make your IntelliJ IDEA a bit more flexible.

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08.12.10 17:12 | Egor Malyshev

Instant Autocompletion in IntelliJ IDEA 10

Behold one of the most impressive new features in IntelliJ IDEA X: automatic code completion. Watch this short screencast to get pointers on becoming even more productive and start coding easier than ever before.

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08.12.10 15:12 | Egor Malyshev

ColdFusion Development with IntelliJ IDEA

This short screencast gives you excellent starting points to begin developing ColdFusion applications with IntelliJ IDEA.

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28.11.10 13:11 | Anton Arhipov

Using Bookmarks in IntelliJIDEA

 Using bookmarks to navigate the source code

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