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31.07.12 17:07 | Andrey Cheptsov

Database Tools and SQL Support in IntelliJ IDEA

 Quick overview of database tools and SQL support in IntelliJ IDEA

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completion, SQL, UML
04.07.12 14:07 | Yann Cebron

Spring Web Flow - What's new in IntelliJ IDEA 12

Screencast presenting a few of the new and updated features in upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 12 ("Leda"). You can download the current EAP version for free from

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Leda, Spring, Web Flow
02.07.12 17:07 | Andrey Cheptsov

Android UI Designer in IntelliJ IDEA Leda

 Quick overview of Android UI designer new feature in IntelliJ IDEA Leda.

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Android, UI
02.07.12 15:07 | Yann Cebron

Struts 2 Validator Integration

Screencast demonstrating Validator-related features for Struts 2 plugin in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 11. For more information please visit

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Struts 2, Validator
11.04.12 23:04 | John Lindquist

IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 Flex Features

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09.09.11 13:09 | Egor Malyshev

Refactoring in IntelliJ IDEA, Live by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) shows some refactoring techniques transforming a “large and ugly” function into a clean and readable piece of Java code, using IntelliJ IDEA and refactorings such as Rename, Extract Method, Inline Variable, Introduce Field, etc.

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14.07.11 03:07 | Hamlet D'Arcy

Java 7 Small Language Changes

This screencast demonstrates the small language changes that are part of Open JDK 7, which is available from the Open JDK website. It demonstrates multi-catch, try with resources, strings in switch statements, underscores in literals, and the diamond operator.

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hamlet, IDEA, Java, java7
13.07.11 03:07 | Hamlet D'Arcy

Spock and Mock Object Basics

This screencast demonstrates how to use Spock testing specifications and Groovy for mocking and stubbing behavior in unit tests. It covers creating the mock object syntax, setting expectations, verifying and spying on results, and argument matchers. 


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Groovy, hamlet, IDEA, Spock
18.06.11 17:06 | Yann Cebron

Spring integration for Struts 2

Short showcase on setting up Spring integration for your Struts 2 web application.

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17.05.11 21:05 | Yann Cebron

Struts 2: Navigation and Autocompletion

Apache Struts 2 support in IDEA: basic navigation and autocompletion showcase

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