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01.02.13 13:02 | Robert Demmer

Live Coding an IntelliJ IDEA Plugin from Scratch (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our webinar series, Live Coding an IntelliJ IDEA Plugin from Scratch,  we were building a tool for generating the implementations of the comparable interface using the Google Guava library. Watch this Part 2 to see what happens next.

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25.10.12 15:10 | Robert Demmer

Writing IntelliJ IDEA Plugins Webinar

At JetBrains, we aim to help you bring your plugin ideas to life. In the first of an ongoing series, we reach out to our community of expert plugin developers and ask them to share their experiences writing plugins for IntelliJ IDEA. In this session John Lindquist explores the plugin development process with Mihai Toader, author of the Go Lang plugin (see

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