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13.07.11 03:07 | Hamlet D'Arcy

Spock and Mock Object Basics

This screencast demonstrates how to use Spock testing specifications and Groovy for mocking and stubbing behavior in unit tests. It covers creating the mock object syntax, setting expectations, verifying and spying on results, and argument matchers. 


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15.04.11 19:04 | Hamlet D'Arcy

Getting Started with Spock and Groovy

This screencast demonstrates how to create Spock testing specifications. It covers creating basic when/then blocks, given/when/then blocks, expect/where blocks, and data tables. It explains how to create Spock file templates and Spock Live Templates for IDEA.



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04.03.11 10:03 | Hamlet D'Arcy

Griffon MVC Groups and Event System

 How to create a Griffon app, how to create several MVC groups, and how to communicate between MVC groups using the Griffon event bus. All in under 7 minutes. All done live in IntelliJ IDEA.

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25.08.10 15:08 | Egor Malyshev

Vaclav Pech: Unleash Your Processor

Vaclav Pech unveils the secrets of optimizing your code performance, covering general JVM concurrency aspects, and using IDEA to illustrate how to overcome the challenges of the multi-core era.

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15.07.10 18:07 |

IntelliJ IDEA Grails Support

Take a tour on developing a complete Grails application with IntelliJ IDEA.

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15.07.10 18:07 |

Groovy Specific Support

Overview of Groovy support with all advanced features, plus transparent Groovy-Java coding.

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12.07.10 15:07 |

Transparent Groovy Assistance

An overview of how easy it is to combine the power of Groovy and Java using your favorite IDE.

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