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17.11.10 18:11 | Egor Malyshev

IntelliJ IDEA: Life After Open Source (Russian)

In his Sun Techdays 2010 talk, Dmitry Jemerov reveals what happened after IntelliJ IDEA went open-source with version 9 release last year.

This presentation is in Russian.

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25.08.10 15:08 | Egor Malyshev

Vaclav Pech: Unleash Your Processor

Vaclav Pech unveils the secrets of optimizing your code performance, covering general JVM concurrency aspects, and using IDEA to illustrate how to overcome the challenges of the multi-core era.

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25.08.10 14:08 | Egor Malyshev

Vaclav Pech at GeeCON 2010 Session: Get'em Before They Get You

Vaclav Pech explores countless abilities of IntelliJ IDEA at code analysis: static code analysis, dataflow analysis, dependency
analysis, etc.

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15.07.10 18:07 |

Vaclav Pech at JAX 10 Session

Vaclav Pech explores IntelliJ IDEA code analysis features.

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