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16.09.13 11:09 | Robert Demmer

Objective-C Coding. 85 lvl - A JetBrains Day Preso

What is AppCode? Is it the silver bullet for developing outstanding iOS and Mac apps? Does it make myself better developer? Why do you even bother learning one more IDE when there is Xcode? Let’s find out. This session is presented by Alexander Babaev, DevPocket CTO as part of September 7th JetBrains Day @FooCafe in Malmo, Sweden.

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26.09.11 20:09 | Rene Carl

Saving Time with Jetbrains Appcode

Hi guys, this video shows how to save time with the "Go To..." feature in JetBrains AppCode.

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22.09.11 01:09 | Michael Anderson

Memory Management warnings

  A Quick review of AppCode helping with Memory Management on IOS.  


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19.09.11 02:09 | Patrick H

First look on AppCode...

 This short video shows the first usage of AppCode from the perspective of an ReSharper and Visual Studio user and what to expect.

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14.09.11 19:09 | EXE Pikachu

Why I like AppCode

A video about why I like AppCode. It is from a amateur in screencast, AppCode and iPhone Programming.  

Talks about a little about VCS, code navigation, generation and analysis.



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